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625 Ste. Catherine Ouest

Mezzanine, Place de la Cathedrale

Montreal, QC

Society always tends to value the powerful, wealthy, and famous. Luther insisted that the lowliest work was holy before God when done in faith to help our neighbour.

Attend a series of talks on the Reformation presented by the Canadian Bible Society.


May 18, 7 PM: Education

June 15, 7 PM: Music

October 19, 7 PM: Printing and Media



Luther was a champion of education. He insisted that an education was the one thing parents could give their children that could never be later taken away.


One German monk stood up to the power of the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope, on the conviction that systems can make mistakes - even divine ones. 

After centuries of neglect, the teaching that Christ came not guide us to God but to bring God to us was restored to many Christian altars and pulpits. 


A lover, composer and player of music, Luther more than anyone introduced the practice of congregational singing during worship. Any church that sings together during worship owes that to the reformer.

Luther 2017 Montréal